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GEARING UP FOR THE SOLSC: A Call for Giveaways

In just a few weeks Ruth and I will host the 5th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge.  It’s hard to believe it’s the fifth time we’re hosting this month-long writing challenge.  It stemmed from one of my former student’s notebook entries about his outrage with his sister for “losing” her necklace.  She made everyone look all over their apartment for it and in the end it turned out to be on her neck!  That one notebook entry was the spark that got my fourth graders started with slice of life writing in March 2008 and got readers of this blog going with the Slice of Life Story Challenge that same month. How exciting it has been to watch this Challenge grow in size from 2008.

In 2008, Ali Edwards was gracious enough to offer a prize for one person who wrote for all 31 days of the Challenge.  With each subsequent year, we’ve given away more prizes our writers.  While not everyone gets a prize, it’s nice to be able to offer small writing-related gifts to people who challenge themselves to write and comment on other people’s writing for an entire month.  That being said, this is my official call for Slice of Life Prizes.  If you would like to offer gender-neutral*, writing-related prize to one of the Challenge’s writers, then please send me an e-mail by clicking here.  Please be aware that while most of our participants live in North America, but some come from as far away as Australia and South Korea.  Therefore, if you only willing to ship a prize within the United States, then I will need to know that up-front since you are responsible for covering all shipping costs.

To take a look at past prizes, click on one of the links below:

*= While most of past Slice of Life Story Challenge participants have been women, we regularly have several men who participate in the Challenge.

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  1. Hi Stacey, I’ll be happy to contribute something. How about a book about writing. I have enjoyed Poem Crazy by Susan G. Wooldridge over the months & would be glad to add a copy of it to the list, or some other book of writing. I could even send it via Amazon. Would that work? Just let me know.


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