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NCTE/TWT Meet-up

Ruth and I would love to get together with those of you who will be in Chicago for NCTE on the morning of Friday, November 18th.  If you’re interested in meeting up for breakfast (say, around, 8:00 a.m.), then please leave a comment on this post or e-mail us.  We’ll be sure to send you the meeting spot, via e-mail, once we hear back from you.



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  1. While we’d love to see more folks in Chicago. If you’re about to leave a comment and see this one, then please stop by our session on Saturday or come and visit with us at the Stenhouse booth (also on Saturday). Thanks!


  2. Okay,
    Here’s my only possible problem. Our writing project is coming more for the NWP conference that will be sad this year, now that we are not getting the usual federal funding so our conference is trimmed down. Im not sure how close it is to your spot and we are staying as a group a bit farther from the center of the city to save a bit of money.
    I need to be at the NWP spot by 9, so I know this is cutting things but I will know better when I’m there on Wednesday.
    When do you arrive?


    • Katherine: I just tried to email you at the e-mail address you left on the post. It’s not working. Please leave another comment with your correct email address so I can send you the breakfast details. Best, Stacey


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