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5 thoughts on “National Day on Writing Leave a comment

  1. For the National Day of Writing – my second graders and I will be doing a “writing marathon” where we will write all around our campus, we will write alone, with partners, small groups, and as a class. Last year their favorite part was writing on the benches that line the parking lot (go figure).


  2. I’m a casual teacher but if I have a job, I’ll be talking about reading with all my students. I might even be able to read them an extract from my book if they’re interested enough. A yr 7 class asked me to read a bit form it once and they loved it. They’re fascinated when they discover you’re an author, so I’ll use that.


  3. Stacey,

    I just had to share my experience today. I attended the first meeting of the local Literacy Coaches Network in which I participate. One of my breakout sessions for the year is called Refining Writing Workshop via Mini Lessons and Conferring. Our Mentor Text … Day by Day!! I totally gloated by sharing how I had one of the authors, YOU, as a writing partner at the 2010 Institute. You and Ruth touched 30 educators with your words and wisdom today. Thank you!! Hope all is well.


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