Kristi Mraz, one of my instructors from this past summer’s Writing Institute at Teachers College, and Marjorie Martinelli just started a blog called Chartchums: Creative Classroom Charts.  I’ve reviewed the first few posts on the blog and I’m certain it is going to be an incredible resource for workshop teachers who want to ensure that charts are useful learning tools for students.  The site already has a few examples of charts you can create with your students in the first few days of the school year, as well as information about chart-making supplies.  (BTW: The post on chart-making supplies mentions a restickable glue stick, which I first heard about during Kristi’s class.  It’s a useful tool.  Essentially it turns any piece of paper into a sticky note.  How fabulous is that?!!?)

Kristi and Marjorie plan to update Chartchums once a week, on Mondays, with timely posts about creating charts.  So, happy browsing!