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Summer Writing “Blogstitute” Starts Today

Stenhouse’s Summer Writing “Blogstitute” starts today.  My post on student-initiated writing conferences kicks of the Blogstitute today.  Ruth’s piece on celebrating student writers will follow on Monday, July 18th.  Later in the summer you’ll hear from other Stenhouse authors.  Here’s a look at who else will be sharing fresh ideas about the teaching of writing that you can use during the upcoming school year:

  • Kate Messner, the author of Real Revision, will share about teaching students how to critique writing.
  • Julie D. Ramsay, author of “Can We Skip Lunch and Keep Writing?”, will write about providing students with an authentic reason to write
  • Carolyn Coman, author of Writing Stories, will help you figure out how to make time for your own writing.
  • Peter Lourie and David Somoza, the authors of Writing to Explore, will help us understand how an adventure essay can be an alternative to a research paper.

Stenhouse is also offering all of the books above, plus ours, at a discounted package price.  For more information about that package just click here.  Finally, if you leave a comment or ask a question about any of the articles during the Blogstitute, you will be automatically entered to win a package of all five books.  (The deadline for comments or questions is August 30.)

Enjoy the Blogstitute!

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  1. I love that Stenhouse put this together. It is a great idea for summer professional development. I love even more that you and Ruth are sharing more of your wisdom in this forum!


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