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Update: Day by Day

There are a couple of exciting things that have happened with Day by Day since it came out late last fall.

1)  Day by Day is now available as an E-Book.  Same content as the book, just formatted for your e-Reader.

2)  Part of the video footage Stenhouse shot of Ruth and I in November, right before I had my daughter, is now online.  In this video we talk about the concept of reflective practice.  If you haven’t implemented the concept of reflective practice into your teaching of writing yet, then check out this video with some easy tips you can use to infuse it into your day.


Day by Day

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Literacy Consultant. Author. Former 4th and 5th Grade Classroom Teacher.

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  1. I will be sharing this video with my fellow teachers. It has been great to share your book and give the challenge to choose one area to improve on next year through reflective practice.


  2. This has to be your next professional development endeavor…more videos. There is something so powerful in the modeling that you provide through your blog- the writing, the video clips, the snapshot photos- that you have only begun to communicate through your first book. You two have a specific way with your language about teaching that is effectively captured in this video (and the other teaching clips you’ve posted). I am disappointed that I can’t see you live in Indiana (which is so close to me) due to a schedule conflict, but I am already looking forward to the NCTE conference!


  3. @Maureen: I think reflective practice is not impossible, but is very difficult for first year teachers. Perhaps your gentle nudging can get them int othat frame of mind. Good luck!


  4. Thank you! This video is very helpful to me. I am a teacher mentor, working with several first year teachers. I wonder if reflective practice is nearly impossible for the beginning teacher, who is necessarily caught up in the “what to do?” and the “how to do?” but cannot imagine a more flexible or responsive approach? Thank you for giving me some more words of advice to add to my repertoire.


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