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Ruth’s SOLS: I Love My Dad!

Happy Birthday, Dad!Last week my dad turned sixty. My brother, his wife, Andy, and I decided it called for a party. So we planned (and pulled off) a surprise party for him. Saturday evening nineteen people came to my house to celebrate with us. It was great.

We serve prime rib (Andy is an expert at steak), green beans, and baked potatoes. I made two cakes, red velvet and butter pecan (because just one  couldn’t hold sixty candles!). It wasn’t the food (although it was delicious) that made this party great. It was the people. These friends, some who have been in their lives for years and others who they’ve met recently, came together to celebrate my dad. He is an incredible man.

I’m glad to be able to host a surprise party like this. I’m glad to have a brother and sister-in-law who enjoy being around us and pulling off a gig like this. I’m glad to have a husband who is supportive and who believes “my” family is his family.

Family is a very good thing. Surprises are a very good thing. A life well lived is a very good thing.

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  1. I love to have our family get together for birthday celebrations. Great memories come from these parties. Our family values these good times much more than expensive gifts. The pictures that we take are worth a thousand words!


  2. I think that was very sweet of you to have a party for your dad. I can’t believe how close in age I am to your dad. Cool! What a loving tribute, the party and the writing! Friends and family are very special! They make life what it is!


  3. Having just been at a family gathering celebrating my dad’s 77th birthday (recalled by my mom at Otter Landing) and Easter dinner with my husband’s large family, I can appreciate all the sentiments you express.


  4. You have one awesome family who deserves all the good things. Happy Birthday to your dad! Two different delicious cakes!!!! You’re definitely the cake lady!!!


  5. This is so awesome! The closeness your family shares is touching and inspiring and lovely. I’m so glad you were able to pull off the surprise for your amazing dad.


  6. You captured the moment with your words as well as pictures. How honoring to your dad! I love your line about Andy believing that your family is his. I’m glad he was so supportive. I’m grateful for your parents believing in you.


  7. You are truly blessed to have such wonderful parents! I’m sure your father is still thinking and smiling about that great evening. What fun! thanks for sharing with all of us!


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