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Sundays for the Soul: A Challenge!

The Annual Slice of Life Challenge is coming soon! In March, we challenge you to write. Every. Single. Day. I know it’s not easy to write, post, and link every single day in the month of March. That’s why it is a challenge. Still, Slice of Life Challenge is good for the soul because:

  • Writing Slices gives us an appreciation for the life we live.
  • Reading other’s Slices connects us to a global writing community.
  • Concentrating on your personal writing life makes you a better teacher of writers.
  • It feels really good when March 31 rolls around and you know you’ve done your best.

If you missed Stop Waiting to Start a Blog Day, you can celebrate it today. Here’s a link about starting a blog. Still not sure what a Slice is? Check it out here.

Questions about Slice of Life Challenge? Leave a comment and I’ll plan a Q & A post later this week.

Still not convinced you should join? How about a few incentives like the chance to win . . .

And one more thing . . . do you have something you would like to donate as a giveaway to the Slice of Life Challenge? If you are willing to offer a donation, then mail the item to the winner, please email me using our online form. Thank you so much for supporting Slice of Life Challenge 2011.

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6 thoughts on “Sundays for the Soul: A Challenge! Leave a comment

  1. OK, so I’m going to T-R-Y…and I guess since that’s the least I ask of my students is for them to try, then I’ll give myself some credit for that. The list of possible goodies, well, that’s just icing on the cake!

    By the way, sounds like Bonnie has a good thing going on…Aruba…again?! 🙂


  2. I am determined not to let the timezone thing get me this time! I am a late night writer, so I am going to have to start a day ahead. Looking forward to it- this is the first year I am trying something similar with my students.


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