Writing as Gifts

We have three weeks until winter break in my school district. This is the perfect time for a unit about using writing as gifts. To begin this unit, we are asking students to envision possibilities for using their writing for a gift. For the first week of the study, we will be busy imagining the final projects. Students will spend time playing with ideas in their notebooks, playing with drafts, and exploring publishing options.

In the second week of the study, we’ve decided to focus on playing with words. We’ll talk about the sound of words, inventing new words, and cracking open sentences.

Finally, the third week of the study will be devoted to publication. This is an ideal opportunity to lift the level of neatness and quality of the final product. We are also exploring some options for digital publication. We are looking at Glogster, Word, and Windows MovieMaker (maybe). Do you have any other resources for digital publication?

As a celebration, on the final day of the unit students will wrap their gifts. We will spend time reflecting on our growth as writers, as well as think about our next writing projects in January. (January! Can you believe it is coming quickly?)