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Joining-in & Sharing a Slice of Life

Welcome to our weekly Slice of Life Story Challenge. If you’re a regular participant, then go ahead and link away. However, if you’re new, or are thinking about sharing your writing with this online community for the first time, then WELCOME.  In the past few weeks, I’ve received a few emails wondering what a “slice of life” is.  While I’ve directed those people to our Slice of Life Page, I’ll briefly elaborate right here.

A slice of life story is an anecdotal piece of writing.  It’s written in sequential order and is about a piece of your day.  Often, slice of life stories are narratives that frequently include dialogue.  A Slice of Life Story is essentially a look into someone’s life at a given point in time.

We have an online community that shares slice of life stories every Tuesday by posting a link to their story.  Additionally, members of the community view each other’s links and leave comments on each other’s blogs.  The comments can be a personal connection you have to the writing or a compliment about the author’s writing.

I hope you’ll join us today.

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Literacy Consultant. Author. Former 4th and 5th Grade Classroom Teacher.

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  1. Slice of life! I missed last night and don’t even have the whever to open the blog so- a quick update… brother and sister arrived from CA around 6. We sipped, snacked and yakked until around 7:30 when we sat down for steak and chicken nicely grilled by the husband and talked some more. Then- on went the laptops and we viewed pics for another hour. Catching up… how great! No matter how old I am he will always be my big brother and I love my s.i.l.!!That’s it. Whew!


  2. Hello All . . . I am joining your slice-of-life today for the first time in the hopes of learning to be a writer. Just starting with baby steps . . . I learned about ‘I am’ poetry this week so that is what I am sharing to introduce myself. The students that I work with were given this assignment, so I joined in and wrote my own.


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