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GoogleDocs Just Got Better!

Ruth and I spent a lot of time on the phone, using GoogleDocs, when planning and revising each chapter of Day by Day.  Yesterday we were planning for KSRA’s Annual Conference, which is the first of three conferences we’ll present at this fall.  (We will also be presenting at Literacy for All and NCTE, both of which are in November.)

In addition to being on the phone for nearly two and a half hours, we used GoogleDocs to create an outline for one of our two KSRA presentations.  About 15 minutes into our conversation we realized GoogleDocs was moving a lot faster than it did when we were writing the book, which we finished in late April.  In just four months, the editing speed has increased markedly.  No longer was there a 5 – 20 second lag time for Ruth to see new text I typed or a change I made.  Now the work a collaborator on a document does is instantaneous! In addition, I noticed little orange flags popping up (see image below), which allowed me to see exactly where in the document Ruth was making a change at any given moment.

A screen shot of our in-process outline for our KSRA Presentation. Click on the image to enlarge.

GoogleDocs has been an excellent e-collaboration tool for us.  Therefore, I highly recommend it for use with students, especially writing partners, who want to continue their collaboration after school hours.  GoogleDocs is an excellent way for students to look at the same document, at the same time, without being in the same place.

For more information touting the merits of GoogleDocs, and other technology tools, check out Jennifer Demski’s “Ed Tech Experts Choose Top Tools,” which appears in this month’s issue of THE JournalClick here to read the article.

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  1. Earlier this year I discovered Google Docs and I’m really impressed by it. I have only used it for spreadsheets so far but I’m looking forward to using it with friends from work as we complete some projects this year!


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