How do you choose what to read?

I was sharing my goal to read 100 YA fiction books so I could begin to really understand the inner-workings of the genre when my friend (Hi The Other Ruth!) asked me: “How do you choose what to read?”

I rattled off:

  1. My favorite authors that I would love to write like.
  2. A title that strikes me as I peruse the library.
  3. A book that comes in the mail from a generous publisher to review.
  4. Recommendations from Amazon, friends and blogs.

Which made me think about my favorite authors and how it has been awhile since I’ve “checked-in” with them in Cyberspace. I thought you may want to join me . . . happy clicking.

Sharon Creech. Walk Two Moons stole my heart and I was completely enamored by The Wanderer. Her sweet way with words inspires me to write.  Check out her blog, Words We Say: Life and writing, serious and humorous, old and young, past and present: it’s all part of the fabric.

Laurie Halse Anderson. She hooked me years ago with Speak. Then she made me fall in love with historical fiction with Fever 1793 and Chains. I just picked up Winter Girls from the library a few hours ago and I have a feeling I’ll be reading it well into the night. To make her even more amazing, she blogs at Mad Woman in the Forest:  Mumbles, Mutters, and Shrieks.

Jaqueline Woodson. Every single thing I pick up by Woodson I fall in love with. Everything. Her website is no exception.

Markus Zusak. I”m reading The Book Thief right now. I”ll be finishing it tonight (and then reading Winter Girls). It is a work of art. I know I”ll be blogging about this book more. Anyway, I couldn’t wait to find out more about Zusak. Here is his website through Random House. I especially enjoyed this page about his writing life.

I’m sure you know the list could go on, but I”ll stop there. How about you? Who are your favorite authors?