SOLSC & Community

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It’s funny how the Slice of Life Story Challenge has created a virtual community of writers.  In November, Ruth and I met up with Bonnie Kaplan and Kevin Hodgson when we attended the NCTE Annual Convention in Philadelphia.  Two weeks ago, I found myself in a session with Kelly Sandborn, who was one of our monthly slicers in 2009.  Running into these people in real-time has been incredible since we already know each other thanks to our interactions through sharing our stories daily.

Whether you’re a weekly contributor to the Slice of Life Story Challenge or someone who reads the links people leave, then please make sure to take the time to leave a comment on each person’s story you read.  Commenting is what makes the Slice of Life Story Challenge more than just a way to push ourselves as writers — it’s what makes us a community.

Posing for a picture with Kelly's camera phone on the final day of the Summer Writing Institute at TC.