Do Your Best

So our internet is down … my husband’s flights were canceled yesterday … he finally arrived home around midnight after being in South America for the past two weeks … and today he went to the doctor only to find out that the spider bite from the Amazon is nothing to worry about, but he does have pneumonia … not to mention the horrendous laundry from picking up our daughter from camp today. Does anyone else think camp laundry is scary?

So I ask for your grace as I compose this little post from my phone and am left wondering what to write about teaching writing.

I think it is this: even in the midst of chaos and dealing with all that life hands us, it is important to continue teaching to the best of our ability. I consider this idea sometimes in the thick of the school year, but thinking about it right now in the middle of a holiday break gives me a new perspective.

Chaos will happen. Events will make teaching writing difficult. State mandates will be made. Curriculums will be shaped. Children will make poor choices on the playground. Parents will leave. Teachers have tough days.

Regardless, we must continue teaching in the most powerful ways we know. In the face of chaos I choose to lift my chin, smile a little, and keep going.