My Playlist (Ruth’s SOLS 16/31)

I used to be the kind of writer who needed silence.
Then I became the kind of writer who could write with music, as long as there were no words.
For many years, I used music in my classroom with a strict no words policy.
Then I started writing a book. And had a tough time writing at the beginning.
I began noticing bands in the acknowledgement section of books.
So I thought, maybe I should make a playlist in my itunes just for writing.
It worked wonders. When I put in my earbuds, everything was silenced.
I focus on writing.
The words come more freely. The distractions leave.
Now I encourage my students to write with their ipods . . . and to make a special playlist just for writing.
No rules — just songs that will block out the world outside and the thoughts on the inside which hinder writing.
What an odd mix I have.