The Slice of Life Story Challenge Starts Tomorrow!

Slice of Life Story Challenge ButtonRuth and I hope you are going to take part in the 31-day, Third Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge by writing and sharing a story about your day, each day, during the month of March. We know it might seems like a big commitment, but that’s why it’s a challenge. In order to make things more interesting, we have a bunch of writers and publishers who have donated items as giveaways for participants (see details by clicking here).  If you miss a day, DO NOT DESPAIR… there will be a special something for everyone who participates in the Challenge.

Due to many technical problems Ruth and I had with Mr. Linky in 2008, we will NOT be using Mr. Linky again this year. Hence, every day you write a Slice of Life Story, please head over to our blog’s main page and post the link to your post by submitting a comment on that day’s post prior to 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. (We’ll be keeping track of the people who submit comments so we can expedite the giveaway process to folks in early April.)

Here’s where you can grab the code for the Slice of Life Story Challenge Buttons, which Ruth created. We’d be honored if you posted one of them on your site, alongside your story, each day.

English Version:
Spanish Version:

We’d love to help you launch this Challenge in your classroom. If you need more information, then click on this link where you’ll find some easy tips for making the Slice of Life Story Challenge come alive in your classroom.

We hope to see you online throughout the month of March as part of our “Slicer” Community!