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Thinking Ahead to the Month-Long Challenge

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Today’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for the Slice of Life Story Challenge!

However, it’s also the second day of February, which means it’s time to start for me to start thinking about the Third Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge that lasts for the entire month of March.  By thinking about the Third Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge I mean that I have to start thinking about prizes (Since we all like incentives to push ourselves, don’t we?) for people who write the entire month of March.

Last year one author and a bunch of artists who sell their work on Etsy donated writerly prizes. If you know someone who would be interested in making a donation (and getting free publicity on our blog, which gets about 1,000 hits/weekday), then please have them contact us by February 20th so we coordinate the item they’d like to give away to one of the participants.

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  1. Bonnie:

    I saw that earlier this morning and was waiting to be near my computer again to post it on TWT. Check out the post that follows this one (though above it on the main page).

    As you can imagine, I was quite pleased to read it this morning. From Engel’s mouth to the country’s ears.



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