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The Power of Place

The more I write and collect stories, the more I realize the power of place.  Thinking about a place can jog all kinds of memories — even ones you forgot you had.  This past year I have turned to place as a starting point when writing and collecting ideas.  I’ve been impressed by the memories it has unleashed.

Today we put away our Christmas decorations.  It is a bittersweet day for me.  I adore the Christmas season and all it means.  I love white lights, reminding me to shine on.  I allow the season to transform my home and my heart.  So I documented the way Christmas fills our home for the last four weeks of the year.  I gathered these images and will use them as a springboard into writing about my Christmas home.  I believe in the power of place not only as a tool for writing, but as a tool for living a rich life.  My home is my favorite place of all.  It is time I documented it. (Click on the image if you wish to see a bigger version.)

Won’t you consider your favorite place and use it as inspiration for a Writer’s Notebook entry?  I’d love to see what ensues.

Christmas Home (Credits: Fonts: Mom's Typewriter & Laine Day Std; Paper: Holiday Twist Kit by A. Aspnes; Capped Holidays by K. Pertiet)

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