One Little Word 2009

For the past several years, Stacey and I have chosen One Little Word to live by for the year.  (This idea came from Ali Edwards.)  My 2009 OLW is delight.  (In previous years I’ve chosen; grace, genuine, & give.)  I’ve been spending some time reflecting on what I’ve learned about delight and how it applies to the living I’ve done this past year, as well as how it will influence the way I live from here on.  Isn’t that the purpose of living a reflective life — you notice how you change, what that change reveals about yourself and the way you will live in the future?  If you’re considering your resolutions for the new year, perhaps you’ll want to consider this twist on the tradition.  Choose a word to live by in 2010 and at the end of the year reflect on the way it influenced your life.  I’m beginning to consider my word for 2010 — won’t you join me? (If you click on the image, it will open in its own window and you can then click on it again to make it bigger & read the words.)

Ruth's OLW '09 Reflection