It’s Saturday.

I think Saturday is reason enough to celebrate here at Two Writing Teachers.

On Wednesday, Ashley left this comment:

I have had a lot of false starts getting the writing workshop started. My students have never been in a workshop format so we are not doing well with independence.

Now Ashley’s frustrations are not the reason for the celebration, but they are the inspiration.  I remember feeling this same thing . . . false starts are nothing new to me in regards to Writing Workshop.  And students struggling with independence is as assured as my three year old asking me to play trains.  Yet when I read Ashley’s words, I felt my heart drop as I remember how frustrating these feelings are.  So I began thinking about ways to encourage Ashley and others who are feeling these same frustrations about Writing Workshop.

Then I had dinner with one of my favorite teachers in the entire universe (Hello Mrs. Bean), and I left feeling inspired and rejuvenated about Writing Workshop.  On my way home I thought: How cool would it be if we, as a Two Writing Teachers Community, could help Ashley and others feel inspired and rejuvenated about Writing Workshop in spite of the “false starts and struggles with independence!”

This is what I propose in order to celebrate Writing Workshop:

Share the reason(s) why you press on with Writing Workshop despite the tough times.  What keeps you going day-in and day-out?

We regularly have over a thousand hits a day on TWT . . . can you imagine how filled with inspiration the comments section would be if everyone left a reason for believing in Writing Workshop?  It only takes a couple of minutes and I promise you won’t regret sharing!

I’ll kick us off:

I teach Writing Workshop, even on the tough days, because it gives students a chance to find the meaning in their regular everyday lives and interests.

I believe in Writing Workshop because it empowers students to use their words to change the world.