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Living Like a Writer: Goals for the Upcoming School Year

Raise your hand if your administration makes you do goal setting at the beginning of the school year?


Now raise your hand if your administration collects the goal setting you do as a way to help you monitor those goals throughout the school year.

Did you raise your hand both times?

It’s great to have administrators who help with goal-setting and progress-monitoring, but I think it’s even better to write those goals down and to keep track of them on-your-own.  I know when I used to write my goals for the school year down and hand them off to someone else, they weren’t that meaningful.  I didn’t think about them much and therefore, couldn’t self-monitor my progress.  Plus, in my first couple of years of teaching, I wasn’t as candid as I should have been when goal-setting since I didn’t have a regular place to reflect on my practice (until I started blogging).

That being said, regardless of whether you’ve started back to school or you’re on the cusp of a new school year, take a few minutes to write down your goals for the upcoming school year.  Be a little wordier than usual when you goal-set.  Write a bit about why you’re setting the goal and how it will help your students as learners.  Finally, take a few additional minutes to set some personal goals so that you can aim to keep a balanced life as you set forth into the 2009-10 school year.

Have a great weekend and happy writing!


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  1. Hey you two writing teachers! Congrats on your half million hits. I can’t imagine how affirming that must feel. You’ve certainly reached an audience. This post is an excellent reason why. I raised my hand one and a half times. My goals are collected so my superviser can check the box in front of “Collect goals.” They are never discussed. At the end of the year, I self-evaluate. I sit down with my supervisor and tell him how I reached my goals. I’ve never lied, or even thought about it, but I always get ticked because I can tell how much more, how immeasurably more excited I am about my classroom than he is.

    Thanks for posting this great encouragement.


    Teacher Food


  2. I used to have my teachers do goal setting for this very reason but they hated it – I think they did it just for me and not for themselves. Now we are goal setting as a staff, how do we want our program to be viewed and understood and then what will we do toward that goal. It worked last year and gave us a common focus. For myself, since I am not in the classroom teaching this year, I am going to do my own personal goals and dig a bit deeper.


  3. I liked your focus on goal setting for school and self in order to monitor balance. I have also found blogging to be a great way to reflect regularly. I have found it to be so true that if I am writing my goals for myself it is easier to be more candid.


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