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Thesis Statements

Each of my students spent an extended time on the rug yesterday, crafting a thesis statement of his/her own for the essay they’re going to write. It was hard work, but they rose to the challenge! I actually admired their patience and willingness to try out a thesis statement in several ways before committing to it. (I only edited for spelling and for succinctness since some of them meandered a little bit.)

After each student’s thesis statement was approved, they transcribed it onto the front of one of those folders I use whenever my students write essays. Finally, I typed them all up before I left school since I like to make sure I have my head wrapped around what each student is writing as I’m planning my lessons at home.

Today they’re going to work on making some decisions about how they’re going to prove their thesis (e.g., what kinds of information might be necessary to include, the types of research they’ll need to find).

Want to read what the text in the image above actually says?  Just click on the photo to make it bigger in Flickr.

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