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Have You Tucked-In Your Writing Lately?

I had a pile of student notebooks in front of me yesterday. One of them had a lot of improvement last week in that the student really attempted to use conventions more in his nightly writing. (This particular student has lots of fantastic ideas, but has trouble creating the stage directions, so-to-speak, when he’s writing in prose in his notebook.) Therefore, I realized it was time for me to tuck-in a piece of my own writing to help him lift the level of the way he wrote and punctuated the dialogue in his notebook entry. I have tucked-in my entries many times before, for this student, and have noticed that he’s been able to mentor himself after me. I’m hoping that, even though conventions are challenging for him, he’ll be able to improve his writing this week with the help of an old entry of mine.

Here’s to hoping!

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Literacy Consultant. Author. Former 4th and 5th Grade Classroom Teacher.

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  1. Stacey is there a post or can you post your process for students’ writing. What I mean is where do they draft, what do you collect and look at etc. I see them drafting a lot in their notebooks, do they draft there and then move to final draft or is there a step in between? I’m just trying to reflect on my processes for next year and I would really love to pick your brain about the nitty gritty details of your workshop. Katie


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