Some Handwritten Notes from the Sat. Reunion

Regular readers of this blog have probably noticed my absence this last week.  I was feeling, for lack of a better word, lousy.  I came back from last weekend’s TCRWP Saturday Reunion raring to go, but got stopped by forces beyond my control.  I don’t like feeling under the weather (who does?), especially when there are so many good ideas rolling around in my head.  Alas, I was slowed down.  I missed 3.5 days of school.  I slowly feel myself coming back, but it’s taking time.
Last Saturday, before I felt lousy, I promised to type-up my notes and share them in this venue.  I got to part of Katherine Bomer’s Session, but couldn’t go any further.  So, now that I’m slowly crawling back to the land of the living, I decided to scan my notes from Beth Moore’s fantastic session “Literacy and Social Studies Go Hand-in-Hand: Teach Young Children to Think, Talk, and Write Like Historians” since I’m not up to typing them up quite yet.  I took The Reading Zone‘s lead and tried out a new technology, Issuu, for sharing documents.  Please let me know what you think after you read through my notes by clicking here.