Writerly Things to Do on February Break

Are you off from work this week?  Are you looking for ways to nurture your inner writer?  If so, then here’s a little list I made, which may (or may not) appeal to you.

  • TODAY: Write a Memoir Monday Post.

  • TUESDAY: Participate in the Slice of Life Story Challenge.

  • WEDNESDAY: Do any planning you may have for next week today so that you don’t feel like you have to cram everything in on the weekend.

  • THURSDAY: Treat yourself to some new writing supplies: a fresh notebook, your favorite kind of pen, or a writing blog makeover.

  • FRIDAY: Go outside and get inspired to write by the nature that surrounds you (even if you live in a City you can do this!).  Take a photograph and submit it as part of Photo Fridays.

  • SATURDAY: People-Watch with your notebook in-hand.

  • SUNDAY: Reflect on the week you just had off (in writing).  Think about how you can take the serenity from the week off with you into the new school week.