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Writing Reminders


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I had my Writing Circle up for lunch on Tuesday. I asked them to count the number of entries they’d written in the past six weeks. Let’s just say that there’s been an improvement, but it’s nowhere near the volume I expected. Needless to say, I’m a bit frustrated since I still don’t think I’ve sold these five students that writing matters.

“What else can I do to help you write daily?” I asked.

They made some suggestions, one of which the entire group liked. That idea was for creating a poster to put up at home as a writing reminder.

I went with it too.

The five students grabbed paper and began sketching their posters on Tuesday afternoon. All five of them came back up for lunch yesterday and continued to work on them, adding color with pastels or watercolor paints. (I’ll post pics of the final products.) However, I’m not sure that art posters at home will help them make writing a priority. I really, REALLY have to figure out what will so that their level of intrinsic motivation rises… drastically.


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  1. I’m so glad that you shared this. It’s nice to hear that other teachers often have trouble motivating their students with regards to writing. Every once in a while, I come to your site and I hear the great things that are happening and I get frustrated that my students cannot seem to get it together like your group. Thank you for your honesty!


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