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Prizes Needed for the Slice of Life Story Challenge

sols2Busy Adults Sometimes Need Incentives to Write!!!

Last March, when we hosted the Slice of Life Story Challenge for the very first time Ali Edwards was generous enough to give away a copy of one of her books to one of the people who wrote thoroughout the month of March.

We’re gearing-up for this March’s Slice of Life Story Challenge and would therefore like to find out if there are folks out there who’d be interested in donating (and shipping the item to the winner at their expense in early April) some kind of writerly gift to one of our month-long Challenge Participants.  These incentives will be given to folks who participate and link their Slices of Life to TWT every day during the month of March.  In return for your “prize donation,” we’ll post a picture of the item you’re giving away and we’ll link to your website or Etsy Store a few times from late Feb. – early April.

Interested in having us consider something you sell for a Slice of Life Story Challenge giveaway?  Here are two ways you can submit a “proposal” to us:

  1. Send us an e-mail through the “Contact Us” Page of the Two Writing Teachers Website.

  2. Leave a comment, on this post, with a link to an item in your Etsy Store.  We’ll pay the listing fee, but you’ll be responsible for the cost of the item + shipping.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Items should be gender-neutral since men and women participate in the Slice of Life Story Challenge.

  • Not only teachers participate in this Challenge, so your item should be a gift for an adult writer, not a teacher (e.g., a book about writing is okay, but a book about the teaching of writing is not).

  • You are responsible for the cost of your product’s materials and all shipping charges.

  • We ask that you ship the item to the winner, whose address we’ll provide to you, right after their name is selected on April 1st.



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I am a literacy consultant who has spent over a decade working with teachers to improve the teaching of writing in their classrooms. While I work with teachers and students in grade K-6, I'm a former fourth and fifth-grade teacher so I have a passion for working with upper elementary students.

I'm the author of Craft Moves (Stenhouse Publishers, 2016) and the co-author of Jump Into Writing (Zaner-Bloser, 2021), Welcome to Writing Workshop (Stenhouse Publishers, 2019), and Day By Day (Stenhouse, 2010).

9 thoughts on “Prizes Needed for the Slice of Life Story Challenge Leave a comment

  1. Deb: You are correct! Hence the reason I’m trying to garner a lot of prizes since I have a feeling we’ll have a lot of people writing daily in March. Please e-mail me a jpg of your book’s cover and LMK what website to link it to.

    To Everyone Else: I responded to you via your Etsy Request. If you, too, could email me with a jpg and a link that would be awesome!


  2. My picture book, TELL ME MY STORY, MAMA (Publisher’s Weekly starred review), has been heralded by parents and teachers as an inspiration for writing “your story.” It’s a warm, quirky dialog between a child and parent about the time spent waiting for the birth, and the importance of telling our stories. I’ve used it successfully with children and adults. I’d be happy to share a copy with one of your Slice of Life participants (we’re all winners, right?). Thanks for all you do.


  3. Donation:
    Of course writers need a place to store and tote around their materials, one of my backpacks would be perfect! Easily made using gender neutral fabrics. Check out my shop and previously sold items for examples. I would be happy to donate.


  4. Hi, would like to donate to the Slice of Life Story Challenge. I’m a printmaker who has a store on Etsy and sells a range of relief printed stationery and printwork. I’d be really happy to donate a set of gift cards and postcards. Please feel free to visit the store and check out the items you believe would be most appropriate and convo or e-mail me if you are interested. As all of my work is handprinted using waterbased inks the items are individually presented in clear sleeves, wrapped as a set in brown paper, hyacinth twine and a simple shipping tag.

    Look forward to your reply, Jo Olive.


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