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Goals Restated

A reader, Sara, suggested, a few weeks ago, that I restate the students’ goals for the upcoming Writer’s Notebook Unit of Study as “I Can…” Statements, which I did for the two most recent units I taught in Reading and Writing Workshops. Therefore, I tweaked what I had and turned it into the following:

Goals for Revisiting Writer’s Notebooks

1) I can recognize and utilize my notebook as a place to express my
thoughts, opinions, observations, & reactions to the world.

2) I can use my notebook as a place to savor & make sense of my life.

3) I can write about small, everyday things that shape who I am and
who I want to become.

4) I can develop strategies to become a more fluent writer. (I have
strategies to use when I have writers’ block.)

5) I can revise former notebook entries utilizing a variety of
revision techniques.

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