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Action Research: Student Engagement in the Writing Workshop

I bounced the idea of an action research project around with the person who observes us each year. We chatted about developing an action research project for my classroom that I can carry out over the course of the next few months in writing. The lens would be student engagement within the context of Writing Workshop. Here are a few big questions I came up with…

* What can I do to support daily writing habits for the students in my class who are reluctant writers?
* What kinds of things can I do to nurture the writing habits for the students in my class who do not write daily?
* How can I lift the level of student engagement in my classroom so that students seek to become lifelong writers?
* How do I engage my students so that they develop writerly habits?

…Now I have to figure out which one of these would be the best one to refine into a real question that would guide me in the action research (and would subsequently lead to the creation of a few sub-questions). Thoughts on these are welcome as comments. 🙂

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Literacy Consultant. Author. Former 4th and 5th Grade Classroom Teacher.

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  1. I am new to your site, but have been visiting it daily. My site is currently getting started on an action research project. I have not been to TC, but 2 of our teachers have and I have read many books on the WW. I think the 3 question is possibly where to start, however, I wonder if it is measureable? I have really enjoyed reading your thoughts on WW daily! Thanks!!!


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