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day one.

Today I began teaching “English 9 A.”  As we squeezed into a skinny oblong ring, I could already sense a community being formed.  The simple act of sharing names and bits about ourselves molded a community.  The simple act of reading aloud molded a community.  The simple act of asking and trusting molded a community.

As I reflect on all of the simple acts over the course of the shortened 48 minute period, I realize that when all put together it leads to powerful ground work for the rigorous instruction which lies ahead.

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  1. What exactly is English 9A? I ask because I am teaching English 11A this semester. It consists of 5 eleventh graders that I have had in my special education English class since they were in 9th grade. Our special education team has decided that these students will go into the general education English 11 classes next semester and I will teach English 9A. On your blog is the first place I have ever seen a reference to another English 9A class.

    I am interested to hear more about your course, and if it is a class for students who struggle with language arts skills (i.e. reading and writing). I am also teaching a reading class for struggling adolescent readers who have an IEP. My ideal world would have the same students for both classes and we would use the 2 class periods (43 minutes each) to conduct a version of a reading / writing workshop. I am going to try for at least part of the week. My English 9A students will also have ePals and blog about what we are reading. Students will also spend time reading novels independently that are in their personal lexile ranges. We are doing that this semester already and the students do such a good job giving their book talks to me. Next semester they will share what they’ve read with their peers.

    I am so glad I found your site 🙂 I will be a regular reader now. what a wonderful resource you have here.

    Thank you!


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