Am I making it too hard?

I’ve been wondering lately, am I making this — writing workshop, reading workshop, teaching — too hard?  With my quest to zero in on good instruction, wise conferring, and powerful shares have I lost the magic?  As I strive to take advantage of every moment, have I become too controlling?  Too contriving?  Too sequential?

I am apt to likened a strong workshop to a good marriage.  It takes work and dedication, but it isn’t hard.  It doesn’t feel like work.  Strong marriages seem to unfold in an organic, natural way.  Shouldn’t our workshops be like this too?

I have found when I quit trusting students, when I quit trusting the process, when I take my eyes off of the goal of empowerment, it is then that I begin making the teaching too hard.  This post is a reminder to myself to keep the faith.  Above all else, I must trust the process and the fact that when empowered, young writers can work wonders with their words.