pre-election missives or entries

Many teachers have the kids write letters to their future selves at the start of the academic year (to be opened in June). I’ve never been one of those teachers, but I’m starting to think I need to be… at least where this historic election is concerned.

Here’s what I’m thinking (while trying to avoid giving my students a prompt):
1) Have your students write a WN entry tomorrow, on Nov. 4th, & then on Jan. 20th about their thoughts on the Election and the Inauguration.
–This illustrates the idea of the notebook being like a living record of one’s life at a particular point in time.
2) Encourage your students to write a letter to themselves about the state of the country & their thoughts about the Election to be opened on one if the following dates: 11/4/08, 1/20/09, or on the eve of the 2012 Election. (See jpg template below.)
3) Do a combo of both by allowing your students to choose the option that best suits their writing style.

Future Me Letter for the Election of 2008