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I Love to Write Day… on a Saturday?

I got so excited about I Love To Write Day when I heard about it!!!!!! However, when I went to the organization’s website, I discovered that this year’s I Love to Write Day, November 15th, falls on a Saturday, which is not a school day around these parts! Hence, I’m trying to figure out how to make this day meaningful and fun for my students when I won’t even see them.

Have some suggestions? Feel free to leave them as a comment. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “I Love to Write Day… on a Saturday? Leave a comment

  1. I know some people are having a tough time with ILTWD falling on a Saturday this year….but many creative solutions are possible. Some schools are celebrating beginning on Friday, and encouraging students to write something on Saturday. When they return on Monday, they will share how they spent I Love To Write Day.
    Keep celebrating, and keep spreading the word!
    Thank you.
    John Riddle
    I Love To Write Day


  2. I like both suggestions. I think I’m going to launch something in preparation of the day on November 14th, before the kids leave for the day. Then, I’ll do try to figure out a high-tech way to get them involved when they’re away on Sat., 11/15.

    Thanks Michelle & Sarah!


  3. What if you chose, as a class a specific time of the day that you will write. Or perhaps chose three specific times and then challenge them to choose one time on that saturday?
    Could they post on your Wikipedia account when they are writing?
    It might even be a time when you could challenge parents too?
    Just rambling I guess!


  4. How about celebrating “I Love to Write Day” Eve on Friday…or extend the celebration into a week…or do it the week before in school and have that be your own school “I Love to Write Day” and have students celebrate it with families at home on the 15th.

    I like the eve celebration the best, for me. Thanks! I’ll be celebrating it in my school!


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