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Getting Motivated

This is my final post for this week’s Big Picture Series on Genuine Writing. Therefore, I wanted to leave you with a draft of a handout I’m planning to hand out when I present at the 2008 NEATE Fall Conference next week-end. The conference’s theme is “Who Is Responsible? Literacy and Education for All.” This theme “acknowledges the power and the responsibility that belongs to the language arts teacher in a world of increasing accountability, but also one of expanding creativity and new research about how children and adults learn.” Sound similar to what we tried to get across during this week’s Big Picture Series?

Perhaps our posts this week left you energized? AWESOME!
Perhaps our posts this week left you feeling overwhelmed? I HOPE NOT!
Perhaps you’re somewhere between energized and overwhelmed? HERE’S SOME ASSISTANCE!

Below this writing you’ll find a jpg of a handout I’m finalizing for my presentation, “Inspiring Children to Write: Teaching Writing Workshop with Our Notebooks Wide Open,” at next weekend’s Conference. The document is in DRAFT form, which is why you’ll notice some small typos and things that need to be clarified. However, I wanted to post it TODAY so that you feel supported in your quest to make your writing more genuine so that you feel comfortable sharing it (and subsequently the stories of your life) with the children you teach.


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  1. I think this handout is inspiring and I am sure it will encourage many teachers to get started or reconnect with what they know is true. Good luck!


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