Today’s WN Entry: Remember

Seven years ago, today, I spent time with my writer’s notebook collecting bits and pieces of news releases, printed from the Internet.  Those pages in my writer’s notebook flood me with a gamut of emotions.  They’re difficult to look at . . . and yet so important.  I have a range of news releases and many are inaccurate.  It reminds me of the chaos — no one knew what was happening — in my notebook history is recorded.  Little did I know how much those pages would mean to me each year.

Today, I found myself doing the same thing — printing documentation off of the Internet.  I printed the photo Stacey posted and I wrote these words:

Remember the shock and devastation.  Remember watching television and the same images rolling over and over and over.  Remember the numbness that took over as the unbelievable became real.  Remember the hope which surfaced in the following days.  Remember.  Remember.  Remember.  Remember.

May you take some time today to remember.