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Stacey’s M.M. Post: Growing Up… Literally

(I’m using Ruth’s “I Remember” Memoir Post from last week to help me set up my post today. I figured this would be a nice way to show how other teachers’ writing can help inspire our own writing.)

As you can see, I kept going up and up and up... and then stopped!
As you can see, I kept going up and up and up... and then stopped!

I remember learning that you were your tallest in the morning.
I remember being measured every year on my birthday until I went to college.
I remember standing-up tall, against the door jam, waiting to be measured.
I remember a ruler being traded-in for a popcorn box since it delivered more accurate measurements.
I remember slinking to the side so a pencil mark could mark the place my head had occupied.
I remember tip-toeing downstairs on many a Sunday Morning hoping I’d be taller.
I remember wishing I’d grow up to be taller than my Mom… I did.
I remember wanting to be as tall as my Dad… that never happened.
Today I have fond memories of being measured in the mornings.
Today I stare at all of the markings on the door jam and remember being those ages.
Today I look at the pencil marks that represent my Grandparents’ Heights… they were really short!
Today I wonder if the next occupants of my parents’ house will paint over the door jam in the laundry room.
Today I’m okay, not happy, with the height that I am.
Today I realize that it’s the way you walk through the world, not how high you walk in the world, that matters most.

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