Get More Tools at!

Last August we made our blog live. This August, we’re delighted to announce the launch of Two Writing Teachers — The Website!

Essentially, our new website is a place where you can go to find lots of tools (and links to related blog posts) to help you with various units of study you might teach in Writing Workshop. Some of the pages are still under construction, but you’ll find the following pages to help you through the first few months of the school year. The pages you might want to check out before the school year begins are:

  • Launching Writing Workshop
  • Writer’s Notebooks
  • Personal Narrative
  • Personal Essay
  • All of the pages listed above include links to lessons we’ve written, record-keeping forms we use, etc. Some of the links will take you to another web page, some will take you to our wikis, and others will encourage you to open a .doc or .pdf.

    We’d love feedback about our site. You can feel free to give us your feedback by filling out the “Contact Us” Form.