Ruth’s SOLSC: Baseball.

The All-American past-time — Baseball; it certainly is popular around our home.  It is the only sport that presents our house divided.  Cardinals or Cubbies — com’on kids, which is it gonna be?  Little did I know how much a part of our life it is until this conversation ensued during the pre-nap routine on Sunday:

Little Guy: So, Dad, can we watch some baseball?

Big Guy: You want to watch baseball?

Little Guy: Yes. (Emphatic head nod)

Big Guy: Okay.

Little Guy: Go Cubbies . . .

So maybe that last line took a bit of prompting from Momma and of course was countered with Goooo Cardinals.  Nevertheless, it went straight to the heart.  He is growing up fond of the All-American past-time and I’m okay with that . . . as long as he keeps true to the Cubs!

Although, I don’t think I have a shot in the long run  —


PS — I had to include a photo because we are now high speed at my house.  Woo-hoo!  🙂