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SOLSC: Lake + Cousins + Changes.


Sunday afternoon we rounded the bend and sunlight glittered off the lake.  “Oh my goodness!” a tiny voice whispered in the back. 

We turned down the gravel lane, past the monsterous houses which surround our family’s little cottage.  “Oh my goodness!” the voice became louder.

We pulled in beside the other vehicles and the cousins flew up the hill to meet us.  “OH MY GOODNESS!” the voice squealed.  “I’VE NEVER BEEN TO A LAKE BEFORE!”

The day went on with lots of swimming (in life jackets), a boat ride, more swimming, watermelon and grilled hotdogs, digging for shells, and a photo shoot.

Driving home, the tired little voice said, “That was one of the best days of my entire life.”

We exchanged a parent-look that said, We know.  She’s a different kid than she was ten weeks ago.  Literally a different child.  She listens and obeys joyfully.  She is happy and secure.  She is loving. 

And the flair she adds to our life has been worth every second of the rocky transformation that we’ve held her hand through.  I’m so thankful for adoption.


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  1. I’m a teacher from Denver.
    I found your website six months ago via Frankie and Mary Lee’s site.
    I’m also (and maybe more importantly) a single mom of two sons that I adopted out from the foster care system in Denver. I adopted them when they were seven and nine, they are now almost 13 and 14. It’s been an amazing journey, sometimes really hard, and sometimes really wonderful.

    Sometimes people tell me how blessed my boys are to have gotten me for a mom. I always say that I’m blessed a million times more by the privilege of being the mom to them. Wishing you much, much joy on your journey!


  2. The four year old . . . she is the one with flair and personality and just plain coolness bubbling out of her.

    The six year old is cool too — but in the kind-people-loving way. The four year old has some attitude. I love both!

    Thanks for the encouragement in the form of comments everyone.


  3. The top of the comment page says “One Response to ‘SOLSC…..'”
    I can comment, but I can’t put my response in words. Wonderful, wonderful slice of life. Thank you.


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