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The Queen of Forms Page Led Me to Create This!

I went to Ruth’s Queen of Forms Page, as per her earlier post today, to take a look at the Year-End Writing Evaluation that she has for middle school students. I adapted it to my elementary school kiddos and this (on the right) is what I came up with. Just figured I’d post it as a .jpg so you can see how ours differ slightly based upon the grades they’re for. (For instance, I still need to remind my treasures that they need to write in complete sentences, as where with Ruth’s original form, that is implied.)

In the past, I’ve used Aimee Buckner’s End-of-the-Year Self-Evaluation Form. I might still use it, for consistency reasons, but first I want to see this sheet back next week.

Thanks, as always, Ruth for making the forms you use available to us all on your wiki!

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