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Today’s Graduates: The Millennials

Found this clip from 60 Minutes on Lessons from the Scrapbook Page.  I think it’s quite insightful and would love to “hear” your comments.  Enjoy having your thinking pushed a bit.  🙂

Here’s the link.

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  1. Get ready, this is going to be a l-o-n-g comment!

    I saw this clip a few months ago. Pretty outrageous stuff. Fortunately, the 20-something who decides to work in a community-based nonprofit service agency is very different from the people in this video clip! The idea that anyone’s parents would call me to push for a better performance review … that I would send a congratulatory, complimentary letter to a parent … too insane!

    I found the video after talking with a Zappos customer service rep. She was in Nevada and it was the day of the caucuses and I asked if she was going to be ‘standing up’ later … she had no idea what I was talking about, no idea there was a caucus happening. She was gearing up for the big office party that was on tap for the evening. She started telling me about the wild work environment at Zappos and directed me to check out their company videos on YouTube. I did, and that’s how I found the 60 Minutes clip. Sure, I’d be happy to wear flip-flops to work (and sometimes do), but the rest just seems utterly ridiculous.

    On the flip side, it also seems pretty ridiculous that 20-somethings need a consultant to teach them how to eat with a knife and fork! Seems like an exaggeration of a need … at least I hope it is. It also seems wrong-headed to put any of this at Fred Rogers’ feet. Fred Rogers didn’t lead us to a child-rearing strategy of never letting children experience disappointment. Rogers’ idea was to raise children secure enough in themselves to be able to handle disappointments.

    Does the world of work really need to change drastically to appease the praise-me mind-set the Millenials supposedly have? What kind of society are we creating? What are these people going to be like when they have to start getting elected to public office?

    Oy. Obviously I could go on and on. Equally obvious is that I’m not a Millenial myself. (Are my grey roots showing? Where’s my Miss Clairol?!) I’m just glad that they Millenials I know and work with are, for the most part, nothing like the kids shown in that video!



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