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Pin-Drop Quiet in W.W.

My room was pin-drop quiet during Writing Workshop today. Why? I did that great Katherine Bomer Activity I blogged about earlier this week entitled “Inside Me/Outside Me.” The kids not only pushed themselves, but they were so introspective. Once many of them completed the “Inside Me/Outside Me” Graphic Organizer I created for them, most went right into their notebooks and started writing longer entries about their most important “inside me” thoughts.

“Inside Me/Outside Me” was too open-ended for about seven of my students, who opted to answer some more specific questions about the person or problem they’re writing about.

Regardless of which exercise students chose to complete to help them nurture their seed idea, every single one of them worked diligently today. It was so pin-drop quiet that I felt my whispers during my conferences with other students were breaking the beloved silence in the room.

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