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Reading First Was Deemed “Ineffective”

The NY Times published an article entitled, “An Initiative on Reading Is Rated Ineffective” today. Not exactly a shocker most of us literacy educators, but perhaps shocking to others who haven’t followed this part of the NCLB Legislation that closely.

I know this blog is about writing, but I felt I’d be remiss if I didn’t post a link to this article. This piece begs the question: WHAT’S NEXT?

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    1. I was actually happy to hear this. Obviously NCLB doesn’t apply to my students (although, of course, it does apply and is part of the reason some of them dropped — or were pushed — out of school), I’ve looked at this initiative and had my doubts.

      If you, Ruth, Jen, Kevin and the other excellent instructors whose work I’ve been following out here in cyberspace were to develop a curriculum … we might actually see some real results!


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