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Quotes & Poetry

Today’s Writing Workshop lesson went soooo well. I had never had kids write about quotations before, but it was such a success! I look forward to folding this lesson into the first unit of study in September. (One student I conferred with wasn’t writing much… she was just doing literal explanations, rather than interpretations. Therefore, my teaching points was to use “the prompts” to push her thinking about the quote. And when she did that. WHAM! She had something that sounded like the start of a literary essay. Simply gorgeous!)

Tomorrow we move on to letting poetry inspire our own notebook writing (either as a response to a poem or writing a new poem mentored after the one they read). I’m contemplating doing a Poetry Pass (a la Aimee Buckner) to get them started, but I’m worried it’ll take too long. (I did my first Poetry Pass of the year during Interactive Read Aloud today and it lasted nearly 25 minutes. A wee bit too long for a WW Minilesson!)

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