Stacey’s Slice of Life Story: Day #29

Earlier in the day, Marc admitted to being a “Social Coffee Drinker.” I thought that sounded funny. I’ve never heard anyone label themselves with that kind of status before. “Morning Coffee Drinker,” yes; “Social Coffee Drinker,” no.

We were having dinner at 242 with Marc’s aunt and uncle tonight. Our server came by and asked, “Would you like any coffee, tea, or dessert.”
Marc’s Uncle Michael replied, “No, we’re going to head back to my nephew’s apartment for coffee.”
She walked away and I immediately said, “Yes, you must otherwise Marc can’t have the coffee since he’s only a Social Coffee Drinker.”
“What does that make you?” Aunt Barbara asked.
“A coffee addict,” I replied straight-faced.

We all laughed.