Stacey’s Slice of Life: Day 11


It’s Morning Meeting.

A few minutes past 9 a.m.

We’ve already had a successful group juggle with 14 kooshes and other items.

One students has shared and took questions and comments.

It’s time for our activity, which is the HUMAN KNOT.

As soon as the students hear the words “Human Knot,” most cheer audibly, while others look fearful. One students asks if he can do another game, but I said, “No. Either you’re part of it or you’re watching.”

I posed a question to my students: “What do you need to be successful at unknotting yourselves.”

Words like “listening,” “teamwork,” and “safety,” are spoken.

I divided the class into three groups. Once they circled up, they put their hands in the center, grabbed two different peoples’ hands and then lifted their arms in the air once they were ready-to-go.

Getting Knotted

Getting Knotted,
originally uploaded by teachergal.

Today’s knots were glorious since everyone belonged to a group that unknotted themselves at least once, if not twice. This shows me that we’re working much more as a team now than we were in the fall. Isn’t it great how we can measure progress with simple activities like this?