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first grade poetry.

I’ve been working alongside Colette Berg & Melissa Possell in their first grade rooms. We’ve been having students do a lot of collaboration as they make their first foray into poetry. Last week we taught them one secret of poets — Poets see ordinary stuff in new ways. Then we make “poet goggles” by ringing our fingers and placing them over our eyes to look at the stuff around us. Today we taught another secret of poetry — Poets make their words sound like music. (Both of these lessons are sans the Calkins’ Primary Units of Study Set.) Below you will find some of their poems, complete with original spelling (+ translation), capitalization, and punctuation. Enjoy!

By Cameron and Cadence

Rampe (Ramp)
For a skat bord (For a skate board)
duwen a konpekx (doing a complex)
Spine taud the world (spin toward the)
wrold (world)
spin spin spinning!

By Francisco and Jacob

The tree is pointy
and sharpin (sharpened)
Like a pencil
marbels (marbles)

Rubber Band
By Luchas and Stanley

It stretchis (stretches) like
a Snac (Snake)
gros (grows)
snah (snatch)

Cadpelry (Catapiller)
By Jazmine and Andrea and Delila

Wegos (Wiggles)
Buretflye (Butterfly)

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