Day 8: Stacey’s Slice of Life Story

I turned the knob of the first door of Room 256. It didn’t budge. Therefore, I walked further down the hall to see if there was another door. There was, but it said that the alarm would sound if it was opened. How often does that happen? NOT THAT OFTEN! Besides, I need to get in here to set up for my presentation. And the RIWP told me to go over to the room to set up, so it must be fine. And the other door was locked. And I’m from New York (and I have chutzpah)!

So, I slowly put my hand on the door knob and twisted it to the right. It was open. Whew! Then, I pushed the door forward pleased that the alarm didn’t go off. I stepped my left foot into the room, which turned the lights on. But, not even two seconds later BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!

“Uh-oh!” I exclaimed!
The other presenter across the hall came over and asked, “Did you set off the alarm?”
“Yep!” I replied.
“Well, you should have someone up here to help you sooner rather than later I’ll bet!”

About five minutes passed and he was proven to be right. Campus Police came into the room. Great! Nice way to start off my relationship with the Writing Project!
“Did you open this door?” the officer asked me.
“Yes, but I didn’t think it’d go off,” I admitted.
“Well, it did. This happened last weekend too. I don’t know why people keep opening these doors.”
“I’m so sorry that you had to come here to turn this off,” I said, truly meaning it. After all, it was pouring outside.
“It’s okay,” he said.

One minute later Brian appeared. Brian from AV that is. He came because the alarms downstairs were sounding because of whatever was going on in my classroom. I can’t believe I caused so much commotion! However, Brian was not only helpful, but he got me all set up for my 10:30 a.m. presentation by 8:30 a.m. Hooray!

First Draft of my SOLS #8 in my WN