Stacey’s Slice of Life Story: Day 6 (The Price of Gasoline)

I considered going on the weekend, but after having to do a four gallon fill-up on Tuesday night to get-by, I decided to fill-up my tank on my way home this evening.

I get no joy out of pumping my own gas, something I didn’t have to do as a teenager in NJ, where it’s against the law to pump your own gas. Why? Who knows!

I allowed my car to idle behind a mini-SUV for about two minutes. Finally, after nearly forgetting his credit card at the cashier window, the man in front of me jumped into his car and sped away quickly. With my cards already in-hand, I pulled up, turned-off the ignition, and exited my car, ready to pump my own gas.

Why don’t these pumps have the lock on them so I don’t have to stand here holding them, I wondered.

I watched the number of gallons rise on the digital monitor much slower than the price, in dollars, of my gasoline. My eyes widened as it got to $50.00. How much more is it going to take? Finally, the pump clicked-off at a little over $55.00. I stood there, aghast, looking at the monitor, realizing that this was the most I ever paid to fill up my tank — EVER!

Annoyed at the high price of gasoline, I jiggled the nozzle out of the car and put it back on its perch. I took my receipt and headed into my car, grabbing my camera, so I could document the too-high price of gasoline. What happened to the days of my youth when it was $0.87/gallon to fill-up (for regular) at a full service station? 21 years later I realize that a lot has changed!

NOTE: This post is extra-special since it’s #500!