Stacey’s Slice of Life Story: Day 5

Was the bear cold?

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“Proceed to the first landing,” I told my Assembly Line Managers once I saw that my class was ready to leave the lunch room.

I saw a big bump under one of my student’s coats, which she was holding in her arms, and decided to stay at the back of the line. What could she have under there? I wondered.

As the children passed me I saw a bit of fur sticking out from the top of the coat. Then, I saw two ears and two eyes peeking back at me. I saw them for just a second because this student quickly replaced the hood over the item inside of her coat. I grinned.

Once the kids stopped at the first landing, I came up behind this student and whispered, “Was the bear cold?” in her ear. She giggled, as did two of her classmates who were beside her. She was caught with the bear, but I think she knew as well as I did that I was NOT about to take it away. (I’m a sucker for teddy bears!)

When we got upstairs to the classroom, I said, “Put your coats away. When you get tapped, come in and check your mail.” However to this student I said, “C’mon in here with your coat.” She didn’t come right away, since I don’t usually tell my kids to bring their coats inside. However, a few students realized what I was up to once they saw my camera. I just had to capture to this moment. Hence, she held up her coat, with the bear still inside, so I could photograph this moment.

Anyway, we came inside after that… the bear stayed outside ’til the end of the school day at which point it reappeared, though not inside of her coat. 🙂

A couple of notes:
1. This is one of the three students who inspired this Slice of Life Story Challenge.
2. This student’s mom knew I was blogging about this today.